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some doctors say 2 minoxidil combined with retin-a is about as effective as 5 minoxidil.

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avoid products containing these ingredients avage, fabior, tazorac tazarotene differin adapelene panretin alitretinoin retin-a, renova tretinoin retinoic acid retinol retinyl linoleate retinyl palmitate targretin gel bexarotene tretinoin steroid creams such as over-the-counter hydrocortisone creams are often used for minor skin irritations, inflammation, itches and rashes caused by contact dermatitis, mild eczema, rashes, psoriasis, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, jewelry, poison oak, poison ivy, poison sumac, and insect bites.

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if retin-a is going to have a beneficial effect for you, you should notice a continued improvement in your appearance after 6 to 12 weeks of therapy.

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she started me on retin-a micro.


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