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Getting labs checked within 48hrs of methotrexate can also result in higher lab values.

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karyn when first diagnosed my rheumy gave me plaquinel, it worked fine for about a year i then started on methotrexate and humira for another year, had to advance to remicade methotrexate ; built up a sensitivity to remicade and switched to orencia.

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, fluoxetine ; fluconazole; other nsaids; cyclosporine; methotrexate; lithium; quinolones; angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors e.

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improvement in psoriasis area and severity index pasi in psoriatic arthritis patients with baseline body surface area bsa 3 n 87 placebo, n 83 remicade was achieved at week 14, regardless of concomitant methotrexate use, with 64 of remicade-treated patients achieving at least 75 improvement from baseline vs.

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drink plenty of fluids while taking methotrexate tablets.

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since this drug would be administered by your oncologist, they would be aware of methotrexate treatment at the same time.


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